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X3M Ideas Ignites Digital Revolution With X3M Tech Initiative


An ancient Igbo proverb postulates that a tree that grows crooked at the onset will never be straight. This proverb captures  the paramount importance of nurturing young minds with the right knowledge and skills from the earliest stages of life.

This proverb rings even truer in the face of a rapidly evolving digital age. Indeed, this is even more so as nations around the world race to equip their youth with the technological prowess necessary to thrive in the future.

Recognizing the role of technology in shaping the destiny of nations, forward-thinking countries have embarked on ambitious initiatives to cultivate digital literacy and technological skills from the cradle. China, for instance, has implemented a comprehensive programme that introduces coding and computational thinking to children as young as six years old. This approach aims to foster a generation of tech-savvy individuals, poised to drive innovation and drive the nation’s economy into the digital frontier.

Similarly, Estonia, a country renowned for its technological advancements, has integrated coding and robotics into its national curriculum, ensuring that every child has access to the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the digital landscape. This investment in human capital has positioned Estonia as a global leader in e-governance and digital transformation, setting an example for other nations to emulate.

Meanwhile, in the United States, some organizations like code.org have undertaken grassroots efforts to make computer science education accessible to students across the country. Through partnerships with schools and local communities, they are inspiring young minds to explore the limitless possibilities of technology, creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship from the earliest stages of education.

These efforts by nations and organisations around the world highlight the urgency and significance of empowering the next generation with the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in the digital age. It is against this backdrop of global momentum that X3M Ideas, a foremost African creative powerhouse, has taken a bold stride to bridge the digital divide and empower Nigeria’s youth through the launch of X3M Tech, an initiative for empowering young minds with tech skills.

Before now, the creative powerhouse’s social intervention since 2013 has been in the area of infrastructure. In 2013, the agency built a block of six classrooms for the Lagos State’s Opebi Junior Secondary School; provided computers and other ICT equipment to two government schools in 2014; in 2015, refurbished and provided two modern toilet facilities to the Lagos State home for boys (reformation centre). In 2016, it was the turn of Ikeja Senior Secondary School to benefit from the agency’s milk of humanity through the provision and equipment of a befitting library for the use of the school while in 2017, X3M Ideas made a daring move as it moved out of Lagos to lend a hand to the Chibok Girls Secondary School as it provided the much-needed chairs and tables for easy learning and teaching in the school that has come under national global attention.

However, with X3M Tech, X3M Ideas has strategically shifted its focus from traditional infrastructure interventions to a more holistic approach centered on knowledge acquisition and skill development. “Building toilets or classrooms is nice, but it’s the content that happens within those classrooms that we want to focus more on,” Steve Babaeko, the visionary Group Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of X3M Ideas had explained.

At a time where technology dictates the pace of progress, X3M Ideas’s move can be described as a bold stride to bridge the digital divide and empower Nigeria’s young teeming population. Indeed, through X3M Tech, the agency is on a mission to equip the next generation with cutting-edge technological skills, for them to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Babaeko passionately articulated the driving force behind this when he declared, “To be honest, if you look at how we are compared to other countries, we are living behind when it comes to tech and digital transformation, especially in schools.”

Babaeko’s words resonated with a stark reality – Nigeria’s educational system has yet to fully embrace the digital revolution that is sweeping across the globe. “If you look at what China is doing, they are really way ahead at it. As it were, we are already late to the party,” he acknowledged.

X3M Ideas has meticulously designed X3M Tech as an intervention programme to “transform the minds of the young ones for that digital future which is already yesterday,” Babaeko stated emphatically, while acknowledging the pressing need to catch up with the rapid pace of technological advancements that have already reshaped the global landscape.

The initiative, launched at the Muritala Ajadi Animashaun Community Senior Grammar School in Surulere, Lagos, promises to be a game-changer for the students privileged to be part of the scheme. With palpable enthusiasm,

“Talking to the students of this school is amazing,” Babaeko expressed, marveling at the untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. “We’ve been able to put some decent funds together with our tech experts to ensure that they get the right kind of training for web designing, coding and writing digitally.”

X3M Tech’s overarching mission is to nurture a new generation of digital trailblazers who will not only thrive in the dynamic communications industry but also drive innovation across various sectors, driving Nigeria into the forefront of the digital revolution. “Just to prepare the next generation of people that will even come and replace the current players within the communications industry,” Babaeko affirmed, his vision stretching far beyond the confines of tech.

X3M Ideas is not working on X3M Tech alone as it has forged a strategic  partnership with Instincthub, a premier platform for learning and skill development. Noah Olatoye, the Team Lead for Instincthub, shed light on the collaborative efforts: “With this partnership, our aim is to ensure an effective transfer of skills,” Olatoye declared. “We understand that the students are eager to learn, and we possess the technical expertise to facilitate this knowledge transfer.”

“We are committed to imparting our skills in a manner that is not overly complex for the students while seamlessly integrating with their existing curriculum. The goal is to ensure that their academic performance remains uncompromised, even as they acquire new technological proficiencies,” he added.

In the words of Michael Ladejebi, the Principal of the Muritala Ajadi Animashaun Community Senior Grammar School, “This initiative is a much-needed intervention, considering the paramount importance of technological skills in shaping the future.” His endorsement echoes the sentiment shared by educators, policymakers, and industry leaders alike, who recognize the potential of X3M Tech in unlocking the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

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