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UN Rights Chief Calls For New Ideas To Address Global Issues

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk has said that the current human rights landscape is compounded by conflict, discrimination, poverty, shrinking civic spaces, and the emergence of new human rights challenges such as the rise of artificial intelligence and surveillance.

Tackling current complex challenges requires fresh thinking and bolder political leadership to address abuses and find solutions, the UN rights chief said on Tuesday, while presenting his annual global report to the Human Rights Council.

“Fresh thinking, political leadership, renewed commitments, and dramatically scaled-up financing, with the centrality of human rights at their core, are urgently needed to meet these challenges.

“We need to regain the space where we can discuss human rights in a constructive and open spirit,” he said.

Delivering photographs in all parts of the globe, Mr. Türk recapped some of the main causes of the most deplorable human rights abuses, from war to weather change, and how collaborators can work towards a more comprehensive, tolerable, and rights-based future.

“Full partnership with my Office and our field sights – as well as with the different human rights instruments – is about solutions, it’s about outcomes. It’s about tangible by-products for the lives of people”, he said.

With one-quarter of society living in war-affected places, he said peace “is brittle” and “must be nourished” first and foremost, by appreciating the UN Charter and multinational regulation.

He added that disdain for the human being reaches unbearable tiers when combat breaks out, and brutality in major parts of the world has become a daily event.

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