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Environmentalists Condemn Indiscriminate Dumping Of Wastes In FCT

Abuja-based environment sector experts have criticized the indiscriminate dumping of wastes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Mr. Osi Braimah, Director, Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), and Dr. Joseph Onoja, Director General (D-G), Nigerian Conservation Foundation, said this in a separate interview condemning the indiscriminate dumping of wastes in drains, gutters, and streets.

According to Mr. Osi, the board was presently handling approximately 500 tonnes of mixed waste per day. These include pet bottles, organic and food materials as well as all forms of domestic wastes.

In his words, “We really encourage recycling because this will help us to increase the life span of the dumpsites as the one, we are using now is about 90 hectares and it is filling up every day.

“If residents of the FCT begin to implement wastes recycling, minimisation and reuse, it will extend the life of the dumpsite. They can also earn money as pet bottles are sold for a fee and papers can be recycled too.

“We strongly encourage residents of FCT to try all these out for a clean city and for profit,” he said.

The director maintained that plastic pollution has become a problem to the world, saying Nigeria was not an exception.

In addition, Dr Joseph Onoja, also decried the attitude of persons who dump refuse in drainages that were properly constructed and called on the Federal Government to step up its regulations and sanctions.

“We have beautiful laws in Nigeria, but they don’t bite as they should, so we would continue to encourage the government to implement these laws to ensure that things were done the way they should,” he said.

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