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PIC Unveils Purple Book To Promote Gender Inclusion In Nigeria

The Policy Innovation Centre (PIC) has launched its second edition ‘The Purple Book’, an advocacy tool to catalyze inno­vation and measurable prog­ress towards advancing a gen­der-inclusive society in Nigeria.

This significant milestone was achieved during the 30th Nigerian Economic Summit (NES #30) Public Lecture and Founders’ Forum held at the Lagos Business School on Thursday.

The Policy Innovation Centre is an initiative of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG), a leading think tank in Africa, redefining evi­dence-based policy advocacy.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Niyi Yussuf, the Chair­man of NESG stated that the Public Lecture reaffirmed the essenti­ality of Public Private Partner­ship in tackling the complex economic realities of vulnera­ble Nigerians.

He reiterated NESG’s un­wavering commitment in driv­ing reforms through rigorous research, economic and social programs, and inclusive sum­mits, all aimed at shaping the socio-economic development of the society.

“Thirty year ago, at a critical juncture in our nation’s history, the NES was borne out of ne­cessity when the winds of eco­nomic challenges blew fiercely, necessitating a platform for a robust public-private dialogue in Nigeria”.

During the unveiling of ‘The Purple Book’, the Executive Di­rector of Policy Innovation Cen­tre, Dr. Osasuyi Dirisu said that “the Purple Book serves as an advocacy tool that stakeholders, governments and organizations could use to achieve better pol­icy implementation for gender and inclusion in Nigeria.

It is also a curation of new evidence, contextually rele­vant solutions and recommen­dations from the Gender and Inclusion Summit.

The Gender and Inclusion Summit was conceptualized in 2022 as an annual event to explore transformative ways to advance inclusion and gender-re­sponsive governance in Africa.”

She stated further that “the Gender and Inclusion Summit served as a platform to ampli­fy stakeholders’ voices about Gender Equality and Inclusion. ‘The Purple Book’ provides an opportunity for us all to move ‘From Voices to Action’ by reflecting on approaches to improve the Gender Equality profile of Nigeria.

The Policy Innovation Cen­tre (PIC) is the first national institutionalized behavioral initiative in Africa supporting government and stakeholders to make behaviorally informed decisions and generate evidence for impact driven interventions in critical thematic areas.

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