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Ecobarter Launches Environmental Awareness Campaign To Tackle Climate Change

Abuja, Nigeria- Ecobarter, a waste management company, has launched the “Go Green With Ecobarter” campaign to raise environmental awareness and help in handling the destructive effects of climate change by sensitizing the public in taking up sustainable trash solutions.

The project is aimed at mobilising 15,000 households and 30 communities throughout Abuja as well as Lagos and Benue states to take measures that mitigate the risks of flooding,  displacements, and loss of life.

Chief Executive Officer of Ecobarter, explained that she and her team kicked off the campaign due to the main issues that contribute to the problem of bad waste management in Nigeria. This is caused because of the lack of knowledge on the part of the citizens about the adverse effects of bad waste disposal.

As a result, she explained that the campaign is a response mechanism to help people living in these areas understand how their daily behaviors contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and introduce them to more sustainable alternative lifestyles that will help address the problem.

Idehai revealed that her establishment is collaborating closely with the appropriate waste management agencies where the campaign is being run to encourage locals to report obstructed drains to advance the project’s objectives and ensure their fulfillment.

Mr. Lealem Dinku, Head of Programmes at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), believes that Nigeria must act quickly to fulfill its commitments under the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming in order to deal with the climate catastrophe.

According to him, these actions would necessitate both public and private investments in Nigeria to deal with the climate change disaster, such as appropriate auditing and regulatory frameworks that identify sustainable waste management as well as financing mechanisms to accelerate the country’s achievement and tracking of its NDC targets.

“I encourage you, as enablers of the climate promise, to identify opportunities for engagement and partnerships,” Mr. Dinku said, referring to a group of cross-sectoral stakeholder leaders who had convened in Abuja to deliberate on how to help Nigeria benefit from the climate promise II project.

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