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Environmentalist Urges Nigerians To Stop Contributing To Pollution

A Lagos State Environmentalist has called on Nigerians to stop the continuous pollution of the environment.

This call was made by Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Shelter Chairman, Desmond Majekodunmi while speaking on Wednesday, at an event organised by the Dawn Project Initiative, to mark World Emissions Day 2022.

He said the world had about 12 years left to save the planet from the effects of climate change before it becomes irreversible.

According to him “More than ever before, it has become a necessity for us, especially as Nigerians, to begin to take our environment seriously and care for it. Globally, an estimated three to five million people die yearly as a result of waste and pollution deposited in the air and water around us.”

“Nigerians tend to handle issues lightly, but this is not a joke. From the government to the grassroots, we cannot continue living like all is well when the very environment we live in is degenerating before our very eyes.”

Majekodunmi, who is a founding partner of the Dawn Project Initiative, added that the irresponsibility in decision-making by the government had also contributed adversely to environmental damage in Nigeria. Adding that he was happily talking to a calibre of people who could effect positive change.

Also speaking at the event was the Senior Special Assistant to the General Manager, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Adebola Odunsi, who said awareness about climate change and its effects would take a collaborative effort from both the government and private individuals.

He, however, noted that the Lagos State Government had policies in place to aid the free distribution of information and to encourage as much innovation in the space as possible.

“Lagos State is willing to collaborate with institutions, the academia, international bodies, and schools, to spread the message of climate change and instill this consciousness early, in the younger generation.

“The Ministry of Environment has a programme called the Environmental Bees Project, which is an extracurricular activity in schools that students are encouraged to participate in. It teaches them about the rudiments of environmental protection practices from the ground up, which they would, in turn, take back to their communities and families, thereby promoting sustainable and fair use of our environment.”

The representative of the Bank of Industry’s Renewable Energy Department, Mr. Idris Ibrahim, said the BoI would continue to encourage people to invest in an alternative source of energy through its funding.

He said, “The BoI has weekly televised programmes on the Nigerian Television Authority and selected stations that air what the BoI is doing and how people can benefit from our services.

“The bank holds a lot of engagement with stakeholders and customer forums, just to sensitise people on how they can be partakers of what the bank is offering.

“Concerning renewable energy, the bank offers nine per cent on loans collected yearly, but a lot of people are not aware because they don’t participate in these forums. We want to encourage as many people as possible not to be afraid and come take part to boost the industry and aid alternative sustainable energy sources.”


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