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Bi-Courtney, FBRAN Launch Waste Recycling Programme

Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL) in partnership with the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance of Nigeria (FBRAN) has launched a waste recycling programme at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two in Ikeja, Lagos.

The collaboration aims to mitigate and prevent climate change through the reduction of plastic waste pollution and other environmental initiatives.

In a statement from Bi-Courtney, the recently launched project aims to smartly manage and sort the over 1,000 kg of waste generated daily by the more than 10,000 users of the airport terminal, including passengers, vendors, shoppers, and employees. The waste would be converted into valuable resources, promoting a sustainable approach to waste management.

Speaking on the project, BASL’s Acting Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Tosan Duncan, noted that the Green Project was part of the organisation’s commitment to addressing the global crisis of climate change and its adverse effects.

She highlighted that the initiative positioned the terminal strategically to contribute to the global campaign against plastic pollution and its harmful impacts on both humans and the environment.

Duncan emphasised the importance of collaboration and awareness to drive such campaigns throughout society, stressing the need for a better environment and the safety of the people.

She stated that the partnership aimed to prevent famine, dirt, and exposure to health hazards caused by unacceptable waste practices.

Emphasising on the significant of the project, the Executive Secretary of FBRAN, Ms. Agharese Onaghise, noted that it is the first of its kind in any airport terminal in Nigeria. The project not only contributes to health and safety measures within the terminal but also aligns with global best practices for environmental friendliness and sustainability.

She explained that the initiative aimed to separate waste at its source for efficient management, reusability, and prevention of health hazards associated with improper disposal.

“Properly managed waste prevents harmful gaseous discharges, foul odors, and environmental untidiness, which can lead to reputational crises for organisations,” she stated.

“West African Energy has been identified as the collection partner for this project, offering incentives for the sorted waste they pick up. The terminal’s new environmental program charges fees to vessels based on their emissions, which can then be used to finance environmental initiatives that align with the organization’s corporate goals. This innovative approach not only promotes better environmental practices, but will also enable the terminal to take a more active role in sustainability efforts.” She added.

The event witnessed the presence of janitorial partners and food vendors such as KFC, Indomie Cafe, and Chicken Republic, who had been trained to effectively utilise the new recycling bins.

FBRAN, which represents a coalition of 29 member companies including the Nigerian Bottling Company, Nestle Plc, Nigerian Breweries, and 7-Up Bottling Company, has a partnership with the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, Ogun State Waste Management Authority, and Abuja Municipal Waste Management Authority, as well as international partners such as the United Nations Development Organisation and the World Bank.

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