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UAE To Invest $4.5bn Clean Energy In Africa

The United Arab Emirates has announced the investment of $4.5 billion in clean energy projects for Africa during a landmark climate summit hosted by Kenya, which is aimed at attracting funding to combat global warming.

Sultan Al Jaber, who heads the government-owned renewable energy firm Masdar, the UAE’s national oil company ADNOC, and the COP28 climate talks said “We will deploy $4.5 billion… to jumpstart a pipeline of bankable clean energy projects in this very important continent,”

“If Africa loses, we all lose,” warned Jaber.

He said the investment aimed “to develop 15 GW (gigawatts) of clean power by 2030” and “catalyse at least an additional $12.5 billion from multilateral, public and private sources”.

As of 2022, the continent’s renewable generation capacity was 56 gigawatts, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Jaber also called for a “surgical intervention of the global financial architecture that was built for a different era”, urging institutions to lower debt burdens.

Countries in Africa are hamstrung by mounting debt costs and a dearth of finance, and despite an abundance of natural resources, just three per cent of energy investments worldwide are made in the continent.

Present at the Nairobi summit was heads of state, government and industry leaders where Africa is promoting its potential as a clean energy powerhouse.

The Africa Climate Summit will be followed by the COP28 summit later this year in Dubai, which is expected to feature competing agendas for the world’s energy future.

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