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Lontor Hi-Tech Unveils Environment Friendly Air Conditioners

A home appliances brand, Lontor Hi-Tech Development Company Limited, has introduced its latest J-Series air conditioning system into the Nigerian market, an environmentally friendly refrigerant that offers higher cooling efficiency.

This is as it expressed commitment to excellence in product delivery and services.

According to the firm, the introduction of the J-Series, which includes the CTL-AC-JS09N, CTL-AC-JS12N, and CTL-AC-JS18N systems, is designed to cater to the diverse needs of customers and provide them with an unparalleled cooling experience.

“This environmentally friendly refrigerant offers higher cooling efficiency with less global warming potential compared to conventional air-conditioning systems using R22,” it stated.

The J-Series AC, the company said, boasts several features, including original import with quality assurance and GREE compressors, renowned for their reliability and cutting-edge technology.

While giving his opening remarks at the launch held at the Lontor office in Victoria Island, Lagos on Friday, the General Manager of Lontor, Siji Ogunsiji, said the company was pleased to unveil the products as it has been investing in developing quality products with high standards to improve life.

“Today, we unveiled our air conditioning category called the Lontor J-series. As a brand, it is in our DNA to give you four important things: innovation, quality, design, and being futuristic, to bring you world-class products.

“We strongly believe that with this innovation, we can take over the air conditioning industry,” he noted.

The Managing Director of Lontor, Andrew Wei, asserted, “These products are not only to continue the innovative characteristics of the Lontor brand but also to highlight our relentless pursuit and practice of quality, design, innovation, and technology, which form the essence of our brand.

“Although there may still be room for improvement in our new products, we hope that through this exhibition, we can continuously inspire ourselves and draw motivation.”

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