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Firm Canvasses Reduction In Energy Consumption To Protect The Environment

A water heater system corporation, Ariston Group, has canvassed for double-digit energy-saving buildings in the country to protect the environment and reduce the amount of carbon being emitted.

The Managing Director, Central Africa, Ariston Group, Solomon Umoh, stated this during the firm’s Country Manager Forum with the media recently.

Speaking on the theme titled “We are Champion, Ariston goes Renewable with Water Heaters, saves Double-Digit Energy Cost,” Umoh stressed that the company was committed to the cause of energy efficiency as enunciated in its sustainable growth strategy, noting that the development of renewable and high-efficiency few products and solutions had been designed to conform to reduce energy consumption, without sacrificing comfort.

He said, “On the part of saving the cost of energy, innovation, design, and development of renewable energy solutions like heat pumps and solar water heaters are important. Solar water heaters work with solar energy, therefore, reducing the investment on the cost of electricity and other forms of energy.

In addition, the Head of Marketing of Central Africa, Ariston Group, Habeeb Somoye, said that globally energy saving was part of the management of cost.

He said, “You buying a product is one side of it, however, the cost of maintenance is another, and anything that is heating like water heaters, consumes energy. One of the major things that everybody in the world tries to save is the cost of energy, which is essential.

“In addition, we also have different renewable solutions like solar energy which is 100 per cent dependent on solar power, and with that we would save so much of energy, thereby giving alternatives to natural power consumption.”

He further stated that energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy-based technologies remain the critical drivers of growth for the company in Nigeria and globally.

“At Ariston, our quality culture starts from the ability to design and manufacture products that meet the highest quality standards and the needs of our customers all over the world and then involves all business processes, from supplier management to support services, to improve the experience of those relying on our solutions continuously.”

Meanwhile, Umoh reaffirmed the company’s commitment to promoting energy efficiency in various households by providing quality and energy-efficient products or solutions.


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